JDSF Concession Policy & Bike Sprite

JDSF Special Uses of State Forests

Interested in learning more as to why we are no longer guiding?

While we contend that concession-guiding on JDSF is compatible with the programs of the Forest (Timber Management, Demonstration, Research & Recreation), CalFire, which operates JDSF, disagrees. Read the Board Policy regarding Special Uses here:
Board Motion Aug 2012 concession policy final.pdf

Please read our letter to CalFire requesting a Special Use Permit for concession guiding, which includes letters of support from our US Congressman (Jared Huffman) on down to our local City Council:
MBS JDSF Concession request 2014 04 23 public copy.pdf

Lastly, please read CalFire’s response, stating that they could issue us a Special Use Permit for up to two “events” per year, which includes anything from guiding a single guest to hosting a 2-day mountain bike race for 350 racers:
MBS JDSF Concession response 2014 05 22.pdf

We love guiding. Guiding was a gift that we enjoyed sharing. To be honest, we never made enough money to do more than cover our costs. After three years of trying to obtain permission to guide on JDSF, we have decided to focus our efforts elsewhere. If and when guiding resurfaces, we will be sure to let you know.